Chairman Uwaeme Promise Pledges to Enhance 8th Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity Cup

Adamu Yola

The Chairman of the Organising Committee of the 8th Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity Cup, Uwaeme Promise, has expressed his commitment to elevating the competition to new heights as he reflects on his past achievements during his four-year tenure.


Speaking on his dedication to making each edition unique, Promise stated, “Every edition comes with its own uniqueness, and we approach each year as it comes. Our openness to new dynamics and innovations is key to our workings, and by the grace of God, I remain committed to piloting the affairs of a tournament we can all be proud of.”


Promise also shed light on the Foundation’s goals and vision for the upcoming 8th edition, emphasizing their plans for increased collaboration and outreach. “We will be collaborating more this year, and by the grace of God, we are hoping that these collaborations will help us build more bridges and touch more lives positively,” he said.


In addition to engaging with government agencies and corporate entities, Promise highlighted the importance of community involvement in ensuring the success of the Unity Cup. “This year, we want to work closely with the Local Councils and Traditional Councils because, from experience, we have learned that these Institutions are foundational to whatever we have planned to achieve,” he affirmed. “We are hoping that we will take our campaigns to the streets in each of the Local Government Areas (LGAs), and this will have a direct impact on the people.”


Mr. Promise also confirmed he will reveal the committee members that will form his team ahead of the 8th edition as well as roll out activities that will mark the start of the competition.

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