Promise Uwaeme name 8th Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity Cup Committee Members

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  • Familiar Faces Return: Reappointed Committee Members Join Forces for 8th Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity


  • Prominent Members Appointed to 8th Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity Committee


The Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee for the 8th Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity, Promise Uwaeme, has officially announced the appointment of key committee members for the upcoming event.


The newly appointed committee members include Alpha Shilong, Mark Malele, Mohammed Yusuf (commonly known as Moncasta), and seven others who have been selected to play vital roles in the success of the 8th edition of the competition.


Notably, Mohammed Yusuf, who has been a dedicated member of the committee since the 4th edition, has been entrusted with the position of Vice Chairman. Over the years, he has served as both the Secretary and Vice Chairman in different editions, bringing a wealth of experience to the team.


Abdullahi Isah Awak, who previously served as the secretary during the 7th edition, will continue his valuable contribution as the Secretary for the 8th edition.


The committee roster is as follows:


Full List

  1. Promise Uwaeme –        Chairman
  2. Mohammed Yusuf –        Vice Chairman
  3. Abdullahi Isah Awak –        Secretary
  4. Becky Wayas Bappah –        Assistant Secretary
  5. Alpha Shilong –        Member
  6. Muazu Adamu –        Member
  7. Ahmed Yusuf –        Member
  8. Mari Usman –        Member
  9. Mark Nuhu Malele –        Member
  10. Simon Toro –        Member
  11. Caleb Yusuf Lamayi –        Member


The Chairman emphasized that committee members are expected to commence their functions immediately in preparation for the upcoming edition. The appointment of these experienced individuals reflects the commitment to ensuring the success of the 8th Adamu Yola Gombe South Unity.

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