Kuffen United wins NIO Cup, while Bwarat United claims the prestigious LAFA top honor

The atmosphere at the Dadur venue of the NIO/LAFA Cup, hosted at Useni Memorial College (UMC), was charged with excitement as football enthusiasts from across the country gathered to witness the climactic finale of one of the nation’s most prestigious football tournaments.


In a nail-biting match, Bwarat United emerged as champions through a penalty shootout after a goalless regulation time against Hilltop Academy. The Ngwan Ishi Otarok President, Ambassador Danjuma Sheni, who spearheaded the inaugural NIO Cup 2023, expressed his admiration for the high level of preparation exhibited by the participating teams.

Ambassador Danjuma Sheni

He commended their dedication, stating, “I am amazed at what I have seen in Dadur today. In fact, I arrived last night for this singular purpose, and, of course, I’m pleased with every bit of action.”


Pressed by the press about the inspiration behind the tournament, Ambassador Sheni emphasized the unifying power of sports, particularly football. He saw it as a strategic venture to provide Taroh youth with a sense of belonging, aiming to alleviate poverty and enhance the economic conditions of society. “I love my people, and being their leader, I will do everything possible to put a smile on their faces,” explained the NIO President.


Ambassador Sheni commended LAFA for their commendable efforts and pledged to sustain the initiative. In expressing gratitude to the participants, he called for peace and unity, urging everyone to work towards the cohesion of the community, regardless of political or religious differences.


Notably, Kuffen United secured victory in the inaugural edition of the NIO Cup, receiving the trophy, medals, and other awards during the LAFA Cup finals. The event was graced by traditional leaders from Bwarat and Gani districts, the TAPYA president, the PFA Chairman, and local government football chairmen, among other dignitaries.


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