Green Lock FC is heading to Turkey for a training tour and to finalize a partnership agreement with Antalyaspor

Green Lock FC

Green Lock FC is embarking on an ambitious journey towards its grand vision as it heads to Turkey for a 10-day training expedition and the signing of a partnership agreement with the esteemed Turkish club, Antalyaspor AS.

This marks a thrilling moment for both Green Lock FC and Antalyaspor AS as they unite to foster the next generation of football prodigies. During the trip, the youth club from Abuja will engage in approximately 4 friendly matches from March 17th to 27th, including encounters with Antalyaspor’s U17 and U19 teams.

But there’s more to anticipate! Green Lock FC will formalize its collaboration with Antalyaspor AS through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement will facilitate the exchange of expertise and resources between the two clubs for identifying, nurturing, and honing talented footballers. This partnership not only benefits the clubs involved but also offers aspiring players an exceptional platform to showcase their skills and pursue their football aspirations.

While in Turkey, Green Lock FC will not only compete in friendly matches but will also have the privilege to experience Antalyaspor AS’s top-notch facilities. What’s even more exciting is that exceptional players from Green Lock FC may seize the opportunity to sign with Antalyaspor AS or other interested Turkish teams, elevating their careers onto the international stage.

The squad for the Turkish training tour comprises skilled players scouted internationally earlier this year during Green Lock FC’s premier soccer talent showcase in Bwari, FCT. These players have since been honing their skills under the club’s guidance, participating in 10 friendly matches and suffering only two losses.

Watch closely for the emergence of extraordinary talents resulting from this collaboration!

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