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Nikau Sports

Our Founder

Deji Ogeyingbo

About Deji

Deji is an experienced Journalism Specialist with a rich background in the sports industry. As one of the leading athletics journalists in Nigeria, he possesses a deep passion for PR and branding athletes. Deji has extensively covered a wide range of sporting competitions, both within and outside Nigeria, with a particular focus on showcasing African sports stories. In addition to his journalistic prowess, he is well-versed in sports management and marketing. His expertise in public relations, media management, athlete sponsorship, and sports event activations make him a versatile professional, capable of excelling in various facets of the sports industry.

Few Words About Us

A global leader shaping the narrative of African Sports

At Nikau Sport, we take immense pride in crafting imaginative and captivating solutions that truly honor the extraordinary world of sports, the exceptional athletes, our esteemed partners, and the enthusiastic fans who ardently support them. We do all these with a focus on clients within Nigeria and Africa.